Hot Tub Benefits

FROG @ease In-Line Water Care System

FROG® @ease® with SmartChlor® Technology In-Line System is Standard in ALL new Hot Spot Hot Tubs. The FROG @ease with SmartChlor In-Line Water Care System makes your water care even easier. How does it work? A combination of FROG minerals (silver) + SmartChlor gives you cleaner, softer water and use less chlorine. The system self … Read More

Hot Tubbing in the Winter

Vol 2. Wed., March 6, 2019 Bringing you the latest happenings in the hot tub world, tips & tricks, and the hottest news, up to 104 degrees! Using a Hot Tub in Winter… We’re not crazy! It might sound hair-raising… The thought of using your spa during the cold hard winter months! But using your … Read More


Vol 1. Wed., Feb. 6, 2019 Bringing you the latest happenings in the hot tub world, tips & tricks, and the hottest news, up to 104 degrees! “You’ve gotta practice what you preach!” Although the hot tub experts at Hot Tubs by HotSpring DO practice what they preach, we are putting the tubs to the … Read More

It all started in 1977 – Jeff and Jon Watkins built a HotSpring® Spa and quickly began to lead the industry in innovations: full insulation, underwater lighting, top loading filters, Moto-Massage® – the first moving jet. All while keeping design and beauty in mind. The look of a HotSpring Spa has changed a lot in 40 years, … Read More

Should I keep my hot tub open year-round?

In our opinion YES!  Often, first time buyers ask us if they should close their hot tub in the winter – and we suggest that they keep it open and experience at least one snow storm with the benefit of a hot tub. Simply shovel a path to your tub & clean off the cover, … Read More

Hot Tubs by HotSpring Loves Salt Water

Do you love the idea of a hot tub, but not sure if you want to worry about the constant maintenance or the chemical smell of chlorine? HotSpring hot tubs in the Highlife and Limelight series are able to run on beautiful, soft salt water with our exclusive ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System with Diamond … Read More

Increase Mobility

Arthritis Benefits If you are one of the 46 million Americans affected by arthritis, soaking in your Hot Spring spa can help ease your pain. Joint inflammation from arthritis causes swelling, pain and stiffness, often resulting in the loss of joint movement or function. Immersion in warm water produces hydrostatic pressure on the body that … Read More

A Better Night’s Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, approximately 132 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia more than one night a week. Find out how spending time in your spa before going to bed can lead to a deeper and more peaceful sleep.

Hydromassage Benefits

There are three factors at work in a spa: heat, buoyancy and massage. Working together, they create a totally relaxing hydromassage experience. The heat in a hot tub raises your body temperature, increasing circulation. The buoyancy of the hot tub reduces your body weight by 90%*, relieving pressure on muscles and joints with a relaxing … Read More