Who is Watkins Wellness?

It all started in 1977 – Jeff and Jon Watkins built a HotSpring® Spa and quickly began to lead the industry in innovations: full insulation, underwater lighting, top loading filters, Moto-Massage® – the first moving jet. All while keeping design and beauty in mind. The look of a HotSpring Spa has changed a lot in 40 years, but so have decorating tastes.  

Old HotSpring owners manual

In 1986, Watkins joined MASCO, a Fortune 500 company, one of the world’s largest manufacturers for home improvement. MASCO believes that it is important to be innovative and still be environmentally-friendly, reduce energy usage and conserve natural resources.  

Over the past 40 years, Watkins has acquired Caldera® Spas, American Hydrotherapy Systems and Endless Pools® – continuing its pioneering way of leading the industry. 

In 2010, HotSpring introduced the first factory integrated salt water sanitizing system – the ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System, which has changed the way you take care of your luxury hot tubs daily water care. 

In 2014, Watkins partnered with DesignWorks, a BMW Company to completely redesign their Highlife Line and create the Highlife NXT. Making it not just a nice hot tub, but a beautiful addition to your backyard.

 Showroom Tub

In 2016, Watkins Wellness® became our new name, because we want world’s leading manufacturer of hot tubs and aquatic fitness products, while not forgetting the that our business is about the customer’s well-being and health. Relaxation, connection with your family, feeling better – it’s what we are all about.  

Most recently, DesignWorks has redesigned our Limelight. Fresh styling, clean lines, beautiful exterior lighting have completely updated this line of hot tubs.

 showroom tub

Our dream is to have a hot tub in every back yard – water makes you feel better – let us help you feel better. 

showroom tub

At Hot Tubs by HotSpring, we carry Highlife, Highlife NXT, Limelight, Hot Spot, Fantasy Spas and Endless Pools Fitness Systems. Stop in to visit the largest display showroom of HotSpring and Endless Pools in NJ.

 showroom tub

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