Why should you buy a hot tub from a dealer?

Why should you buy from a dealer rather than off the internet, “road side” sale or big box store? You see a hot tub and it is really cheap and want to just jump on it. Be cautious! You are only getting a hot tub and a “cheap” one at that. When you buy from … Read More

How to keep saving money even AFTER you buy a hot tub

Energy Efficiency in a Hot Tub There are a lot of factors that go into making an energy efficient hot tub, lucky for you, HotSpring hot tubs are all certified by the strict California Energy Commission (CEC) standards. Covers It is important to have the correct cover for your hot tub. It has to fit … Read More

Is it time to Trade-In the Old and Bring in the NEW?

You are a hot tubber and love your HotSpring hot tub, but your family has grown and you need a bigger tub, or the opposite – you’re an empty nester and want to scale down. Here at Hot Tubs by HotSping you can trade-in your old tub for NEW state of the art hot tub. … Read More