Hot Tubbing in the Winter

Vol 2. Wed., March 6, 2019
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Using a Hot Tub in Winter… We’re not crazy!Winter hot tubbing image

It might sound hair-raising… The thought of using your spa during the cold hard winter months! But using your hot tub in the winter doesn’t have to be a chilling experience.

We can provide some tips and tricks on how to use a in your spa during the winter!

Benefits of Cold Weather Hot Tubbing

Using your spa in cold weather can provide even MORE benefits!

Relieve those winter blues – stretch out in your spa relax – lower your stress levels.

Hot & cold therapy relieves joint & muscles pain, improves your range of motion, relieves your runny nose, clears sinuses & chest congestion, helps with insomnia or sleep disorders, and improves circulation by 120%.


Winter hot tubbing imageHow to Get In and Out

This is the part that people fear the most, but we are JERSEY STRONG – remember? First, you’ll want to prep your spa – yes, prep! If it snowed, make a safe path & check for icy patches. Remove the snow from your cover safely. Do not use a snow shovel, you don’t want to rip your cover! Now open your spa & get the jets running. Add chemicals if necessary. Now go back inside & make a hot cup of coffee, tea or whatever you prefer and change into your dedicated bathing suit (we always recommend a dedicated suit to prevent bubbles from soaps/detergents). Next put on a WINTER HAT & your Hot Tub by Hotsprings ROBE, grab your hot drink & safely make your way to the (already prepped) spa. Enjoy immersing yourself & relaxing in your your 100+ degree water – in a winter wonderland!

When you are finished soaking carefully get out & put on your robe to make your way back inside to a warm house. Get dressed warm and then go outside and close up your spa – be sure not to forget! See that wasn’t so bad – now you’ll sleep like a baby!

Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Cleaning in the cold weather can be a challenge, here are some tips & tricks to make it easier:
  • Draining your spa in the winter is risky because the tub can freeze if not done fast enough. So, let’s take the safe route and try and dump and refill your spa before it gets to cold out.
  • Your filters – if you have tri-X filters they can be brought inside and cleaned in the dishwasher in the RINSE CYCLE ONLY, use no soap or detergent. Or if you prefer, you can use the shower head in your tub or shower.
  • Check your chemicals weekly. Add as needed. It’s safe to put your jets on the CLEAN cycle only and close your cover and go inside. The jets will turn off after 10 minutes automatically and your tub will be ready to go the next time you open your cover!

Do you have any tips or tricks that you use? Please share them with us so we can spread the word & make it easier for all our year round hot tubbers.

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Is your spa being used religiously every day? What do you use it for? Meditation? Relaxation therapy? Joint aches?

Please share your experience with us! Send us a picture of you & your family! Help us to encourage others of the benefits of using your spa during the winter months.

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