Hot Tubs by HotSpring Loves Salt Water

Do you love the idea of a hot tub, but not sure if you want to worry about the constant maintenance or the chemical smell of chlorine? HotSpring hot tubs in the Highlife and Limelight series are able to run on beautiful, soft salt water with our exclusive ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System with Diamond Technology. The feeling of fresh, clean, odor free saltwater is like no other hot tub experience you have had in the past.

ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System allows you to enjoy your hot tub with very little maintenance. There is no need to shock the tub after each use or add chlorine every  week, you only need do is check your pH once a week and monthly reset your usage on the easy to use control panel.

Another benefit is your savings. The ACE cell is designed to last 10,000 hours of operation. That means that you will not have to replace it for approximately 2-3 years (depending on your output level). The cost of a cell is about the same as you would spend on an ozone system, silver cartridge, MPS & Chlorine. And you don’t have to go to the store to get supplies all the time.

The beauty of the ACE system is that it creates Active Oxygen with diamond electrodes that combine with the salt to create chlorine. The water is so soft, there is less salt than in your own tears. ACE will also generate Hydrogen Peroxide, Ozone and MPS (a non-chlorine shock).

As it is with anything you buy, be it a new car or a washing machine, you need to maintain it to keep it running it optimum condition. Like you would put air in your tires or oil in your engine, you need to maintain your hot tub.

However, the ACE system is easy to use.

When you make the choice to use the ACE system, you only need to add salt when you initially fill the tub, drain and refill or top off a significant amount of water. The salt does not evaporate, so you don’t have to remember to add more.

On you control panel, just set your output level – then once a month, reconfirm your level and you will have beautiful clear water. Weekly test your water to maintain your pH. No need to manually dose your tub with MPS with each use or add chlorine weekly.

Every 90 days, you need to clean your cell to prevent mineral build up – it’s as simple as removing your cell from the spa and dropping it into a premixed solution for 10 minutes to 12 hrs – depending on the amount of build up. This simple step will help extend the life of your cell.

If you are going to make the investment of a quality hot tub, get an energy efficient, reliable HotSpring hot tub and add our exclusive ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System with Diamond Technology to make your hot tubbing easy and enjoyable.

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  1. I don’t want a super big hot tub just a smaller one what are the prices four person saltwater

  2. If you have the ACE sanitizing system, you can purchase premixed ACE Cell Cleaner from your local dealer or use pH/Alk Down and the empty cell cleaning bottle that came with your start up kit. Just follow the instructions in your ACE manual.
    If you have the Freshwater Salt System, you purchase a 3 pack from your local dealer and replace them approximately every 4 months. They are disposable.

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