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30 soaks in 30 days“You’ve gotta practice what you preach!”

Although the hot tub experts at Hot Tubs by HotSpring DO practice what they preach, we are putting the tubs to the test! Hot Tub Expert, Marika Wehrle, will be fully immersing herself in hot water hydrotherapy for 30 days, documenting each day. Her experience started Feb. 2nd and will end Mar. 3rd.

Marika Wehrle happy hikerMarika Wehrle

I joined the family business in 2012 while finishing my degree at Rutgers University. When I’m not hot tubbing, I live for traveling & hiking all over the world, writing, and reading. I recently hiked the highest mountain pass in the world in Nepal! My dream is to one day trek the Pacific Crest Trail!


WHY NOT?! In 2019 we have decided to make health our #1 priority, NO EXCUSES! In order to perform at our highest capacity, no matter what task we are facing, we strongly believe a healthy mind and body are at the forefront for living our best. And, we just really love hot tubbing & we want to show you, in real time, how soaking everyday for 30 days can improve your life!

How Can You Follow Us?

How can you follow the #30SoaksIn30DaysChallenge? By following us on Instagram @hottubsbyhotspringnj! We’ve already started soaking! So, check out the start of the challenge in our Highlights reel on our page!

What are the Benefits of Hot Tubbing?

STRESS RELIEF! Physical and mental stress.
Decrease Anxiety levels.
Increase your heart health!
Minimize arthritis pain.
Lower diabetic blood pressure levels.
Relief from Fibromyalgia.
Promotes Weight loss.
Enjoy a deeper sleep.
Increase your circulation by up to 120%!
Spend quality time with loved ones.
Make deeper connections with yourself, and others.
Decrease recovery time from sore muscles.
A personal massage every. single. day.
just to name a few…

#30SwimsIn30DaysShawn Hannon at Philadelphia Marathon

Will be taking place simultaneously with Endless Pools expert Shawn Hannon. Follow along on our social media to see the benefits of exercising in our Endless Pools daily!

Shawn Hannon

16 year lifeguard. I have always been drawn to the ocean & love surfing, swimming, paddling and rowing ever since I was a young. I’m a Philly Marathon finisher! In 2018 began selling the most amazing wellness product I have ever been involved with, HotSpring Hot Tubs & Endless Pools Fitness Systems.