Energy Efficiency

Have you ever wondered how your HotSpring spa was made?

Now you can find out! Take a few minutes to watch how a HotSpring spa is made, right on the factory floor. You will take a factory tour of the Vista, CA facility and you can see the people who put their hard work into each hot tub. Plumbing installed by hand, inspections at every … Read More

Do I need a cover lifter?

When making the investment of a new hot tub for your backyard, we suggest that you add a cover lifter to your purchase.   Often, first time buyers don’t realize how much better their hot tubbing experience will be, or they do not think they “need” one. We believe a quality cover lifter will make … Read More

What are Chloramines?

Often, when someone thinks of a hot tub, they think of that strong chlorine smell & they think that the tub is clean because of that strong smell – well, it’s not. Most likely, that is not chlorine, it’s chloramines & they are not a good thing. You shouldn’t have red, irritated eyes around your … Read More