Hot Tub Benefits

It all started in 1977 – Jeff and Jon Watkins built a HotSpring® Spa and quickly began to lead the industry in innovations: full insulation, underwater lighting, top loading filters, Moto-Massage® – the first moving jet. All while keeping design and beauty in mind. The look of a HotSpring Spa has changed a lot in 40 years, … Read More

Have you ever wondered how your HotSpring spa was made?

Now you can find out! Take a few minutes to watch how a HotSpring spa is made, right on the factory floor. You will take a factory tour of the Vista, CA facility and you can see the people who put their hard work into each hot tub. Plumbing installed by hand, inspections at every … Read More

Do I need a cover lifter?

When making the investment of a new hot tub for your backyard, we suggest that you add a cover lifter to your purchase.   Often, first time buyers don’t realize how much better their hot tubbing experience will be, or they do not think they “need” one. We believe a quality cover lifter will make … Read More

Is it time to Trade-In the Old and Bring in the NEW?

You are a hot tubber and love your HotSpring hot tub, but your family has grown and you need a bigger tub, or the opposite – you’re an empty nester and want to scale down. Here at Hot Tubs by HotSping you can trade-in your old tub for NEW state of the art hot tub. … Read More

Why should you buy from a hot tub a dealer?

Why should you buy from a hot tub dealer rather than off the internet, “road side” sale or big box store? You see a hot tub and it is really cheap and want to just jump on it. Be cautious! You are only getting a hot tub and a “cheap” one at that. When you … Read More

How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost?

When shopping for hot tubs, you will quickly find that there are several factors that can affect the final price of your dream spa.  And while we would love to provide you with some sort of online price calculator, the reality is that all pricing is set at the local market level.  Which means the … Read More

Top Rated Hot Tubs

Looking for a hot tub?  Don’t buy one without reading this article!! So you’ve decided to get a hot tub. Good for you!  You will soon be soaking and relaxing in style, and regretting every other day that you didn’t have a hot tub to call your own. As you’ve probably already surmised from a … Read More