Why should you buy from a hot tub a dealer?

Why should you buy from a hot tub dealer rather than off the internet, “road side” sale or big box store? You see a hot tub and it is really cheap and want to just jump on it. Be cautious! You are only getting a hot tub and a “cheap” one at that.

When you buy from a dealer, you get a dealership with a local reputation that will stand behind their product for you and you can get your warranty work done quickly and easily.  The reason, we sell service in addition to our hot tubs. If you have a question, you can simply call us – we love to hear from our customers and our staff will work to find the solution you are looking for.

You are making an investment that will give you many years of enjoyment and relaxation, make sure you invest in a quality product with a dealership that will stand behind it. You can buy a cheap hot tub, and spend more for it over time in electrical and operating costs, so your “cheap hot tub” can wind up costing you more than an “expensive” hot tub.

Our hot tubs are made in the USA by the #1 hot tub manufacturer in the world. Our beautiful Highlife line was redesigned in 2014 by Designworks, a BMW Group Company. Every facet of the hot tub was rethought and redesigned to give you the ultimate hot tub experience. From the position of the jets and angle of the seats, each seat in your tub is a different massage experience. You’re not just getting hit in the back with water. The Highlife NXT collection offers you the same quality with a few touches to bring the design to the “NeXT” level – Architectural Molded Corners, Beautiful Exterior Lighting, Large On/Ready Indicator Lights, Polymeric Sub-Structure and Polymeric Base Pan.

Hot Tubs by HotSpring and our manufacturer stand behind our products. No matter what year your hot tub is, we can get you parts and our certified technicians are trained by the manufacturer, so we can provide you with the best service available on your HotSpring hot tub.