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Energy Efficiency in a Hot Tub

There are a lot of factors that go into making an energy efficient hot tub, lucky for you, HotSpring hot tubs are all certified by the strict California Energy Commission (CEC) standards.


It is important to have the correct cover for your hot tub. It has to fit tightly, so there are no air leaks that would have you heating the entire neighborhood. The cover should have a dense, high R-Value foam core and a skirt to lock in the heat at the edges and seams.

A waterlogged cover is not doing its job – you have to replace it.

Contrary to what you may think, the water does not come from inside the hot tub (most people think it’s the steam making the cover heavy). Mother Nature does not like vinyl, so every day, the sun will beat on it trying to dry it out, wind blows debris on the cover, ice beats down on it – all this causes microscopic holes that water will then find its way into, making your cover heavy and less energy efficient.

Good cover care starts with a cover lifter. That way your cover is not dropped on the ground or subject to damage from being improperly removed. A cover lifter will hold the cover on the side of the tub and aid you in lifting it off (making your hot tubbing more enjoyable). Next, you have to clean your cover. Dirt piling up, leaves falling, snow building up can all damage the cover. When cleaning the cover, you can use a product like Cover Shield to condition and moisturize the vinyl to extend the life of your cover. Your cover should last 3-5 years with proper care.


You hot tub will lose heat through the walls, without proper insulation, your hot tub has to work harder to keep your set temperature. The motor compartment is kept warm through convection – your pumps and motor are assisting in keeping the tub warm.

The Highlife collection has Full-Foam insulation, which is the best insulation, as it fills all the spaces between the shell and cabinet.

The Limelight and Hot Spot collection have Fibercore™ insulation, which is a dense fiber material that is packed in the space between the shell and cabinet.


Hot Spot models use a jet pump on low mode to circulate, heat and filter your water on a timer cycle. This method is a little noisy and there is a bit of recovery for the water to get back up to set temp.

All Highlife and Limelight models have 24 hr circulation pump. Your water is constantly filtering and heating, so there is no recovery. This is the most energy efficient way to heat your tub – it’s like leaving a 40 watt light bulb plugged in.


HotSpring spas have a titanium no-fault heater. These heaters have resistance to corrosion and maximum heat transfer. All that, plus a 5 year warranty!

It seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Get the most energy efficient hot tub in its class, with a great cover, superior insulation, efficient circulation and the best heater. Invest in a HotSpring.

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