Relaxation any time in my Vanguard

I first have to commend my Hot Spring dealer, Leisuretime in Southbury CT. The Hot Spring team members are the best ‘partners’ I could have had in making this purchase. I had been looking into Hot Tubs for over a year and couldn’t make up my mind. With a very stressful job and working many hours, I felt even as a single man, I would really enjoy the relaxation ‘at any time’ AND I DO! This was the best purchase I could have made and if not for Tom and Casey at Leisuretime, I wouldn’t have been able to. They worked with me in every way possible to help me have the Vanguard. The product speaks for itself. It is the best configuration and size for me and I’m in it every night, no matter what the weather. Once I’m in it I don’t ever want to get out. The Moto-Massage chairs are beyond words. Everyone that I have invited in, are speachless. The spa is wonderful quality with attention to detail in every aspect. If you are reading this and are uncertain on what manufactured spa to purchase, I strongly suggest you choose Hot Springs!!

Dan - Southbury, CT