My First 20 degree dip

“My first 20 degree dip! Fabulous experience…By the way -FYI-, the tub, along with regular exercise, is doing wonders for my ultimate recovery from all the arthritic conditions I’ve had operated on (both rotator cuffs, both knees scoped, two hip replacements, among other non-arthritic operations). I know it’s tricky to prove something like that (doctors sure know), but I personally would vouch for that, going on my own experience. Remember my surgeon asking me after my first hip replacement whether I had access to a pool. Told him I did not. If he’d suggested back then (2008) that a hot tub would also work (and maybe even better on account of the hot water and massaging effect of the jets) I’d have gone for one then. Sure glad we ultimately did, though. It’s a great investment for fun, relaxation AND health, especially at my age. Can’t beat that.”

Real Life Customer - New Jersey