Living Well – Taking your workout to the water

Vol. 5, Wed., June 5, 2019
Bringing you the latest happenings in the aquatic fitness world, tips & tricks, and the best ways to live well!

When you have a good workout, you feel it. You feel the rush of endorphins. You feel the burn in your muscles. Unfortunately, you sometimes feel the pain in all your joints.Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate the pain & have faster recovery time, so you can work out again the next day?

When you take your workout to the water you can reduce the chance of repetitive impact injuries and strains. So, you can say goodbye to: Hip, knee or ankle pain; Elbow pain from repetitive motions; Shoulder strain; Sprains and tears from impact on the hard ground.

There are several factors that make working out in the water better for your body:

  • Warm water, approximately 80 degrees is what we recommend, helps loosen your joints and stretch your muscles.
  • When you are in chest deep water, the buoyancy will reduce the stress on your body because you are floating and not pounding on the ground.
  • Water provides incredible resistance – so even the smallest movements give you a full body workout, increasing your blood flow and heart rate.

An Endless Pools Fitness System is the best option for achieving all your fitness goals in one place:

• Run • Walk • Swim • Row
• Stretch • Bike • Weights
• Resistance • Water Aerobics

Get all the benefits from your workout without doing permanent damage to your body.

We have all 3 lines filled and ready to test swim right here in our showroom. Stop in and try all the accessories and build your ultimate Endless Pools Fitness System. Let us help you make your backyard a place for fun & fitness!Hot Tubs by HotSpring Endless Pools showroom

What are the Benefits of Aquatic Fitness?

● Low risk of injury ●Whole body conditioning ● Low-impact exercise ● Improve blood pressure  ● Reduce stress ● Burn calories ● Natural resistance of water ● Increase range of motion  ● Various exercise options ● Shorter recovery time ● just to name a few…


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