Living Well – It doesn’t have to be “NO PAIN, NO GAIN?” – it can be “NO PAIN, STAY FIT, HAVE FUN!”

Vol. 8, Wed., Sept 4, 2019
Bringing you the latest happenings in the aquatic fitness world, tips & tricks, and the best ways to live well!

man running on ground in painThoughts on exercise have changed recently. The way it used to be – a painful workout was the only way to see results, but current thoughts are that a mild burn is good – if you experience pain, you should stop.

Exercise is great for you, but you should take your age, state of health and what type of exercise you are doing into consideration. You do not want to harm your body and cause pain while getting in shape.

woman running in waterWith an Endless Pools Fitness System in your backyard, you can avoid a lot of pain and potential injury with a low impact, high resistance workout in water. The fitness systems offer all the benefits of cardio without any of the negative side effects, whether you are running, walking or swimming. You do not have the jarring effect on your joints from your feet slapping the pavement. The water’s natural buoyancy takes off the pressure of any extra weight and the extra resistance that water gives with each movement. If you have been sedentary for some time, it’s great to start a new light work out routine after getting clearance from your doctor. Always prepare for your workout with stretching and warming up with the exercise bars, resistance bands or a slow walk.

footballStarting in 2015, several of the NFL stars started using a water workout to prepare for the NFL Combine. As part of their daily routing, they were put through a demanding workout to see how much speed & power they had. One of the most important things these elite athletes must deal with is how quickly they recover. “Proper recovery covers many areas, such as proper sleep, nutrition, massage, cold tubs, hydration and other medical interventions to name a few. But one easy and cheap recovery strategy is the correct use of a pool for recovery.” 1

An Endless Pools Fitness System meets all the criteria that the NFL training program uses:
Temperature 1 – Warm water between 78-84 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect – Endless Pools have a maximum temp of 99 degrees
Depth 1 – Chest high depth to “unload” the body and reduce stress – Endless Pools Fitness System is between 50-58” high
Time 1 – Endless Pools Fitness System has accessories that can help you customize your workout including the Fit@Home App that allows you to customize your workout times and speeds
Intensity 1 – variable speed swim machine or jets and treadmill
Part of the Body/Movements 1 – accessories including resistance bands, row kit, exercise bicycle & (standard) exercise grab bars give you a variety of workout options. Plus you can swim, run, walk, stretch, use water dumbbells, and more to give yourself a whole body workout.

doctor Working out in water is a great way to recover from an injury or orthopedic surgery. Your doctor will thank you for not re-injuring your knee after surgery.

calendarAnother great thing about having an Endless Pool is you will not be bored during your workout. You can vary your workout every day: Swim on Monday, Walk on Tuesday, Row on Wednesday, Run on Thursday, Ride on Friday. After you are done, take few minutes to cool and relax against the targeted hydrotherapy jets – getting your massage right at home.

We have all 3 lines filled and ready to test swim right here in our showroom. Stop in and try all the accessories and build your ultimate Endless Pools Fitness System. Let us help you make your backyard a place for fun & fitness!

What are the Benefits of Aquatic Fitness?

● Low risk of injury ●Whole body conditioning ● Low-impact exercise ● Improve blood pressure  ● Reduce stress ● Burn calories ● Natural resistance of water ● Increase range of motion  ● Various exercise options ● Shorter recovery time ● just to name a few…