Hot Tub Talk – Why are people choosing Rotomold Spas & what are they?

Vol 9. Wed., October 9, 2019
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It seems as though life becomes more saturated everyday with new responsibilities and with that, new expenses. So, how do we take the time to relax in a hot tub if we just cannot afford to spend the extra money on what is sometimes viewed as a luxury item? I say “sometimes viewed” because most people may not understand the impact hot tubbing has had on so many lives. There are endless stories on how our hot tubs have helped people with their stress and axiety , helped their family become close again , and even helped people cope with physical pain . Anyway, Watkins Wellness (the owners of Fantasy Spas) set out to make hot tubbing affordable for every budget with the production of the Rotomold Fantasy Spas line of hot tubs.

What are Rotomold Spas?

“Fantasy Spas are rotationally molded using a recyclable thermal plastic called polyethylene resin. The resin starts in the form of a powdered plastic and is poured inside a hot tub mold and heated to perfection. The mold is slowly rotated, causing the melted polyethylene material to stick to the walls of the heated mold. The mold continues to spin through a cooling process to make the walls thick and durable. The hot tub comes out of the mold in a single piece – the shell and cabinet are one!

Rotomolded spas offer the high quality and benefits you expect from your hot tub without the expensive cost or hassle and stress of not being able to move it.”


These spas are extremely lightweight making them easy to move around your backyard or even to a camp ground or neighbors house!

Purchase & take home same day.


Manufactured with less labor & material, rotationally molded hot tubs are a cost efficient hot tub option for every home.

Energy efficient insulation – allowing you to keep your hot tub up to temperature year round without heating the neighborhood.


Our rotationally molded hot tubs are manufactured with polyethylene resin to form a “unibody hot tub”. Meaning the hot tub is one complete piece without any seams – leading to incredible durability & longer lifespan.

Plug N’ Play

Simply plug the hot tub into any standard 110v outlet, fill it with your garden hose, and you’re set!

Skip the electrical wiring costs & save yourself money!



Is your spa being used religiously every day? What do you use it for? Meditation? Relaxation therapy? Joint aches?

Please share your experience with us! Send us a picture of you & your family! Help us to encourage others of the benefits of hot tubbing! Send your story to

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