Hot Tub Talk – Is a Salt Water Hot Tub is right for you?

Vol 12. Wed., February 5, 2020
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Separating fact from Fiction

Woman with her hand in a HotSpring SpaJust because you read it on the internet, it’s not necessarily true.

Often when a potential customer comes into the store, if they have done a little homework, they may be unsure about a salt water hot tub because they had heard some “bad things” about them. We listen to their concerns and then it is our job to properly educate the consumer about the pros and cons and what makes our salt system different than the others in the market.

How Much Salt comparison chartThe biggest misconception we hear is that the salt water will corrode the components.

There is less salt in a HotSpring salt water hot tub than in your tears. So, it’s not like your hot tub is full of sea water, there is not enough salt in the water to cause corrosion.

HotSpring spas have factory integrated salt systems, so all our components – including our titanium heater – are designed to work with the salt system. 

Corrosion that does occur in a salt water tub is from producing too much chlorine. Often customers will set their use level too high and then not use the tub enough. What this means; the tub is producing chlorine at your level set, if you are not giving the chlorine a job to do the tub will still produce that amount of chlorine. The consumer ends up over producing chlorine (and sometimes even turning the water to bleach) and the chlorine will look for a job to do – that overtime ends up as corrosion on any metal parts in the hot tub. The same thing would happen if you added chlorine to your hot tub every day and did not use it. The chlorine is a sanitizer and needs something (someone) in the water to do its job.

Couple enjoying their Hotspring Spa“I have a salt water pool, I know how it works”

Often potential customers may have a salt water pool – they are similar, but not the same. The salt concentration is much higher and it is a large volume of cold water the system will be generating chlorine for. A small volume of hot water is much more sensitive to chlorine levels and sanitation needs.

Additionally, you have to use spa watercare chemicals, salt & chlorine. The salt in a pool is not as refined as spa salt and can damage your components. And never use pool chlorine in your hot tub – it is a different chemical compound – a spa uses Dichloride and a pool uses Trichloride.

Highlife hot tub with Cover Cradle cover lifterOther brands sell salt water hot tubs

HotSpring has the only factory integrated salt system. Other manufacturers may use a salt sanitizing system, but it is an aftermarket product. The danger about using them is that you don’t know if it will damage your spa or if it will void your warranty. It is best to use technology that is tested by the manufacturer to work with that brand.

A HotSpring FreshWater Salt System is an easy to use system that helps eliminate a lot of worry and work that it takes to keep your water clean and ready to use. The system generates the chlorine automatically, so you don’t need to add chemicals (or spend time running to the store).

The water is softer on your skin, less irritating to your eyes, no harsh odors, less chemicals, more time to enjoy your spa, less dump & refill (water stays fresh for up to a year), and you conserve water.

Additionally, our system will remind you to check your water and output every 10 days, so that you know what output your tub is set too. This ensures that you do not overproduce chlorine in your tub. Over time if you do not reset your output and check you tun it will shut down because you did not monitor it. The main reason for this feature is to protect your tub. Every 4 months, you just need to replace the titanium cartridge when the tub alerts you to.

Simple, Natural, Easy.

Every Day Made Better®

That’s the reason you should invest in a hot tub. 

Erin Kelly
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