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Vol 11. Wed., January 8, 2020
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One of the things we like to talk about the most, is how a hot tub is good for your family. It gives you a place that all of you are unplugged, relaxing warm water & in an environment where you are all facing each other – leading to conversation. Plus, they are just fun, kids love sitting in front of the jets and getting sprayed by the waterfall. These reasons are enough to want to make you have a hot tub for your family.

However, something you always need to consider is the safety of your children (& entire family) in a hot tub.

There are the obvious safety concerns with water and children, and children should always be supervised around your hot tub. There are a few recommendations to follow when you get a hot tub in your backyard.

Always keep the cover on your hot tub locked when not in use. Do not let children climb on top of the cover, it can damage the cover (which can lead expensive cover replacement) or the children can hurt.

Small children can overheat and should not be permitted to spend too much time in warm water. It is recommended that you lower the temperature of the hot tub to 98 when you plan to have smaller children in the hot tub. It is still recommended that you limit the time that kids spend in the warm water – never more than 15 min at the lower temperature.1

As the hot tub caretaker, it is important to maintain properly treated water. Improper sanitation can cause illness, ear infections or rashes.2 Also, small children have less control over their bodily functions and can have accidents in the hot tub – which can be dangerous for all hot tub users because the water will be unsanitary (warm water + bacteria = unsanitary hot tub water).

A good rule to follow is that no children should be allowed in the hot tub if they cannot reach the bottom with their head completely out of the water. Hot tubs are very slippery, so you want to make sure that if there is a slip, they will be able to get their head above water easily.

Teaching your children how to safely use a hot tub is easy, you just need to set some rules and stick to them. Remind them that it is not a pool and should not be treated like one, never use the hot tub without an adult, no jumping or diving, short periods of time in the water, drink lots of water when using the tub and take a shower before using your hot tub (remember this water does not go down the drain, so you want to keep it clean.)

HotSpring spas have some features to give you piece of mind around your hot tub.

  • If you have a HotSpring spa, it comes with a locking cover that meets the ASTM F1346-91 Standard for Safety Covers, when used properly can give you  piece of mind that your children cannot get into the hot tub without you.
  • HotSpring Freshwater Salt Water Sanitizing System can automatically produce the desired amount of chlorine you need to keep the water clean for your families use.
  • Highlife spas have 100% no by-pass filtration which means there is no suction fittings at the bottom of the hot tub. And all drain fittings have safety covers to reduce the risk of drowning.
  • HotSpring spas have a temperate range of 80-104°F (104 is the maximum safe temperature.)

So, let’s get your family into some hot water and start a new wellness routine.



Erin Kelly
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Author: Erin Kelly
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